Shukuma Flooring


Sectional Information

Cross-section area:                      124,674 X 103mm2

Moment of inertia:                       301,385 X 106mm4

Section modulus top:                   4,002 X 106mm3

Section modulus bottom:            4,034 X 106mm3

Total breadth of webs:                468mm

Centroidal axis from bottom:      32,5mm

Conc. 28 day strength:                   50MPa

Conc. strength at transfer:             35MPa

Mod. of elasticity of concrete:       34kN/mm2

Stressing of strand / wire:             70%

Check: stresses at transfer:            OK

Cover to steel:                                30mm

Structural Information

Standard Wiring Patterns

A = 8 X 5mm wires


E = 4 X 5mm wires + 8 X 9,53mm strand

B = 12 X 5mm wires


F = 12 X 9,53mm strand (over 7m span – 2 x 5mm top wire)

C = 9 X 5mm wires + 3 X 9,53mm strand

D – 7 X 5mm wires + 5 X 9.53mm strand

Load Capacity Table

Design loads include self weight, grouting between joints and finishes up to 1,5kN/m2.