Shukuma Flooring


We do not manufacture any of the above.

We have two options:

  1. Client/Contractor erects the columns (H-Steel columns, B14 block or reinforced concrete columns) and Shukuma only installs the concrete wall panels.
  2. Shukuma erects columns (H-steel columns) & installs the concrete wall panels

In both instances the Client/Contractor supplies the grouting materials the quantities of which Shukuma can advise on.

Our longitudinal grouting is not waterproof. Client/Contractor to ensure that waterproofing is done in the required areas.

Shukuma only grouts the longitudinal joints of the concrete panels, of which, the materials are to be supplied by the Client/Contractor (though Client/Contractor has the option of grouting, when screeding the concrete panels).
Shukuma can always advise as to the grouting material quantities required.

Shukuma in Port Elizabeth operates along the Garden Route (and north towards Northern Cape and Free State), up to and including Port Alfred, thereafter, all queries/orders/tenders must be directed to our East London office.

Once our Provisional Estimate (based on a layout provided by the Client) is signed & accepted by the Client, 50% of the Provisional Estimate amount is to be deposited after Shukuma has done a site inspection for crane size & accessibility of crane & truck/s (we mostly estimate on a 30T crane). Shukuma will then measure on site “as-built” & will do a Final Estimate of which the balance is payable before installation takes place, normally 7-10 working days after measuring “as-built”.

We do not colour pigment our concrete floor/s due to colour consistency.